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Menso van Westrhenen

Menso van Westrhenen has been a member of MilAvia Press from its early start in March 2004. He writes articles and publishes photos, both on this website and in aviation magazines. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, he has traveled around the world visiting air arms for many years.

Menso has flown air-to-air photography sorties with military aircraft for several years. His most memorable flight was on board an Alouette helicopter of the Rotores de Portugal during an impressive display rehearsal.



Below are some of his recent publications:



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Flight Experience

Menso has flown with 8 air arms performing aerial photography:

2007-07-17     VC-10 C1K Royal Air Force 3.2h
2008-08-05     IAR-330L Puma Romanian Air Force 2.3h
2009-10-02     SA316B Alouette III Portuguese Air Force 0.5h
2010-06-01     Mi-17 Hip Czech Air Force 1.1h
2010-09-18     C-130J-30 Super Hercules United States Air Force 1.4h
2010-09-18     C-130J-30 Super Hercules United States Air Force 1.7h
2010-10-06     EH101-515 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 1.0h
2010-10-07     EH101-515 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 2.0h
2010-10-07     EH101-514 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 2.5h
2011-02-08     KC-135R Stratotanker United States Air Force 2.3h
2011-05-04     DHC-1-200 Chipmunk Portuguese Air Force 1.2h
2011-05-05     TB30 Epsilon Portuguese Air Force 1.4h
2012-09-03     CH-47D Chinook Spanish Army 0.8h
2012-09-04     CH-47D Chinook Spanish Army 1.3h
2012-09-06     Bo-105ATH Spanish Army 0.8h
2012-10-24     A310-304MRTT German Air Force 4.1h
2013-04-15     EH101-515 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 1.5h
2013-04-16     EH101-515 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 0.3h
2013-04-16     EH101-514 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 0.4h
2013-04-17     EH101-515 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 1.9h
2013-07-24     EH101-516 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 2.7h
2013-08-13     P-3C Orion German Navy 2.8h
2013-10-01     AS532AL Cougar Spanish Army 0.4h
2013-10-02     AS532AL Cougar Spanish Army 0.7h
2013-10-03     EC135T2+ Spanish Army 1.4h
2013-10-04     EC135T2+ Spanish Army 0.3h
2014-06-16     AS332B1 Super Puma Spanish Army 1.5h
2014-06-17     AS332B1 Super Puma Spanish Army 1.9h
2014-09-08     C-295M Portuguese Air Force 0.3h
2014-09-09     EH101-516 Merlin Portuguese Air Force 2.6h
2014-09-09     C-295M Portuguese Air Force 1.8h
2014-09-10     C-295M Portuguese Air Force 1.2h
TOTAL    49.3h  (32 flights)
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