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Aviation photography is not just our profession,
it is foremost our passion.


Although the best description of our business might be that we work for aviation magazines, we have a different philosophy. We work for armed forces, but we are paid by magazines. The positive media exposure we provide for your organization in the world’s leading aviation magazines promotes your air arm in a positive, exciting way and gives the public and military leaders in allied nations a better understanding of your important missions.

Our interest in documenting military aviation began in the early 1990s and continues to this day. With the advent of high-end digital cameras in 2003, we began providing military aviation magazines with photo-illustrated articles and soon became involved in air-to-air photography with air forces all over the world.




Air-to-Air Photography

Air-to-air photography is a crucial component of aviation publications. Taking photos of aircraft in flight allows us to capture striking images to illustrate our articles in the world’s most renowned aviation magazines. Therefore, we try to arrange at least one photo flight for every publication assignment, but we often need multiple flights to cover multiple aspects of military aviation.

Air-to-air photography is always carefully planned, briefed and discussed with all pilots involved to ensure a safe flight and the best photographic results. We have made photo flights in aircraft varying from light aircraft and helicopters to supersonic fighter jets, so we know exactly how to get the best shots out of every minute airborne.



Ground Photography

We always need photos of aircraft taken from the ground as well as from the air. An average publication covers six pages, so we need to offer magazines plentiful variety of photos. We usually prefer to schedule two days on each airbase we visit, to account for factors such as the weather, planned flying activity and the number and types of aircraft expected to fly.

In terms of photographic opportunities, we expect more than just a tour around the flightline. The minimum we require is to take photos of pilots stepping into aircraft and of aircraft taxiing out, taking off and landing. We appreciate additional opportunities, such as flying at night or taking photos at a training area, because it helps us to present your organization to the world in the best possible way.





We have published many articles and a large number of photos in books and magazines, as well as on the internet. Since we work independently, we can offer our words and photos to a wide variety of magazines. On average, a successful article with photos is between six and eight pages in length and is published in at least five magazines. Articles illustrated with air-to-air photos are generally longer and attract publishing offers from more magazines.



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We have cooperated with many air arms (both NATO and non-NATO) all over the world, including:

  • Belgian Air Component
  • Brazilian Air Force
  • Bulgarian Air Force
  • Czech Air Force
  • German Air Force
  • German Army
  • German Navy
  • Hellenic Air Force
  • Hellenic Navy
  • Portuguese Air Force
  • Romanian Air Force
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Royal Jordanian Air Force
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Serbian Air Force
  • Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Spanish Army
  • Swedish Air Force
  • Swiss Air Force
  • Turkish Air Force
  • United States Air Force


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